Won’t the pillow lose its shape as I toss and turn at night?

Yes. And No. You shape the pillow to your head (for exact directions, please see the video on our website), by squeezing it on the ends like an accordion to plump it up, and then burrowing your head into it, by moving your head in the ‘no’ motion. (Always sleep with your shoulders on your mattress – that helps prevent neck strain and muscle tension.) By doing this, you force the buckwheat hulls up into your neck cavity which needs the support. We tell our clients to burrow until they have the ‘Ahhh’ moment. THAT is how good your neck feels when it is correctly supported, with your head, neck and spine are properly aligned. Our clients know what we mean by the ‘Ahhh’ moment. Once you are burrowed into your pillow (and it doesn’t matter whether you sleep on your side, back, or belly), you are set! Your body is comfortable, and guess what? When your body is comfortable (assuming you are not sleeping on rocks) then you no longer move as much during the night. We have had clients tell us they awakened the first morning on their new pillow and the sheets were the same as when they went to bed, and their hair was still perfect. A woman came to us the next day after sleeping on her new pillow and said ‘I didn’t get up to pee all night long and I’m usually up several times during the night, can it be the pillow?’ (We hear this a lot.) Yes, it is the pillow – it’s making you sleep more comfortably, and putting you into a deeper sleep whereby your lightly twinging bladder is not stirring you any longer throughout the whole night – and when you are not up all night, guess what? You get a great, deep, sleep!