What about allergies?

First of all, Buckwheat is not a wheat at all – it is from the Rhubarb family! This is why our celiac clients (including my husband!) have no issues with our pillows. If you are one of the .001% of people allergic to rhubarb, then we suggest you don’t eat your pillow! 🙂 ..And while we’re on the subject of allergies, we thought you’d like to know that after the farmer has cleaned and shipped the buckwheat hulls to us, we freeze it for 48 hours and then clean it again in our fanning mill, thus making it super-clean, eliminating dust issues. Even our clients with the most severe dust allergies have found that simply double-covering the pillow with two pillow slips is enough to prevent any worries about a dust-induced allergic reaction. Lastly, we also thought you’d be interested in the fact that many of our pillow users have reported to us that their seasonal allergy symptoms, such as breathing and sinus issues, have been reduced; once they position and burrow into our