Do we guarantee our pillows?

We guarantee our workmanship for a full year (we double-stitch our pillows, so we are not too concerned that we’ll ever have to back up this guarantee, but it could happen). Beyond that, we guarantee that you are buying a pillow – we cannot guarantee results. Everyone has reasons why they may be in some sort of pain or discomfort, and there is no way a pillow can treat EVERYTHING. Clients time and time again tell us about the hundreds of dollars they spent looking for a perfect pillow, and finally found it in the Cumberland Perfect Sleep Pillow. Over and over we hear that this is “The best pillow ever!” We tend to agree,
based on all the feedback we are continually receiving. But will it cure everyone and everything? No. Is it worth trying our pillow to find out? Heck, yes! Due to their intimate nature, we do not do returns on pillows/slips.