Blowing our own horn.


We are especially proud of the number of professionals who recommend our pillows to their patients. Dr. Milne, in Sackville, NB who gives our brochures to her patients and recommends our pillows for her patients in hospital for better comfort and quality of sleep. Jillian Bond, the massage therapist in Enfield who, based on her own personal pillow success, has single-handedly been responsible for about 5 dozen new, happy users of our pillows in that area. Lifemark physiotherapy clinic in Amherst which regularly sends clients our way and reminds us to make sure they have lots of our brochures on hand at the clinic. Dr. Ford at Ford’s Pharmacy, Moncton who sends clients to us for their back/neck/shoulder issues. Not to mention…………

..The man who couldn’t get more than an hour’s sleep (and certainly no REM sleep) in the four years since his car accident because he slept in so much pain, AND whose monthly scans on his back always showed ‘Red’ for ‘highly inflamed’, who, on his first night on his new pillow, was sleeping four hours at a time, and after a week had had a back scan which read Orange and Yellow (for lessened inflammation) for the first time since his car accident.

..The woman who was so ashamed of her loud snoring she refused to go away with her friends, even if it meant sleeping in her own room by herself, as she awakened other guests in the adjoining rooms. She did not stop snoring, but did start snoring so softly that she was able to re-gain her life and her self-confidence again.

..The grandma who gave her little grand-daughter the lumbar-travel pillow as her own sleeping pillow, and noticed that the grand-daughter went from sleeping all over the bed, moving all night long in all positions, to sleeping soundly in one spot all night. (When you are comfortable, your body does not need to move so much.)

..The one woman who told us she has never had a migraine since sleeping on her Cumberland Perfect Sleep pillow and the other woman who told us her daughter at Acadia Univ. has never had a migraine since sleeping on her pillow. Most migraine sufferers however, generally experience fewer migraines, and less severe symptoms.

..The man in Amherst who, since his first day on his pillow two years ago, told us he has never awakened with (his daily) numb and tingling hands and feet since, nor has he had a single re-occurrence of either his sciatica pain or restless leg syndrome.

..The woman who told us her insomnia was cured completely from her first night on her new pillow – she can’t even stay awake for her late-night television shows any more, and sleeps through the night for the first time in years.

..The woman who is finally able to sleep without meds, also for the first time in years.

..The menopausal woman who hasn’t had a single night-sweat since sleeping on our pillow.

..The countless nurses who are no longer suffering from shoulder pain at night, and no longer have neck and back pain throughout the day, thanks to our pillow.

..The farmers who are waking pain-free and actually feeling refreshed after sleep for the first time in years.

We could go on, or you can read testimonial after testimonial on our Facebook Page: Cumberland Perfect Sleep Company. Just click on the pictures and status’ and read the comments, plus read the ratings page too. There are more on our website: To order your pillow, call (902) 251-2749 or Email We use credit card and PayPal, and can be found at shows throughout.