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Stella on new fur and buckwheat bed

Stella on new fur and buckwheat bed


The Cumberland Perfect Sleep Company is delighted to be introducing our jute dog beds!! Except for the wee bit of velcro on the edge of the washable exterior casing, these beds are 100% bio – degradable. Plus, if you’re familiar with our amazing bed toppers, then you know that buckwheat hulls eliminate pressure points on arthritic, old, tired or sickly hips and joints, since the body weight becomes evenly distributed across the whole bed, and not just one spot, which aids tremendously with stiffness and circulation issues. Plus, there is no crushed and flattened spot where your pup likes to lay, as you can simply give the bed a little shake every once in a while to plump it up! It will bring you doggy many years of cool and all-natural comfort. Best of all, these recycled coffee bean bags are purchased from Canada’s first Certified Fair Trade Coffee roaster, Just Us Coffee Roasters Co-Op of Nova Scotia. 100% of the monies raised from these bags purchased helps to fund their Producer Fund which is used to invest in unique projects initiated by producers who they work with. Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle. We are so pleased with this partnership!! We hope you are pleased with our all-natural, therapeutic doggie beds!

Small Dog (20″ x 22″) $66
Small Medium Dog (20″ x 33″) $99
Medium-Large Dog ( 29″ x 39″) $169
Large Dog (29″ x 42″) $183
Jumbo Dog (50″ x 40″) = $299

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Small Dog (20" x 22"), Small Medium Dog (20" x 33"), Medium-Large Dog ( 29" x 39"), Large Dog (29" x 42"), Jumbo Dog (50" x 40")

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Stella on new fur and buckwheat bed

Stella on new fur and buckwheat bed