Video and Frequently Asked Questions

Blowing our own horn.


We are especially proud of the number of professionals who recommend our pillows to their patients. Dr. Milne, in Sackville, NB who gives our brochures to her patients and recommends our pillows for her patients in hospital for better comfort and quality of sleep. Jillian Bond, the massage therapist in Enfield who, based on her own personal pillow success, has single-handedly been responsible for about 5 dozen new, happy users of our pillows in that area. Lifemark physiotherapy clinic in Amherst which regularly sends clients our way and reminds us to make sure they have lots of our brochures on hand at the clinic. Dr. Ford at Ford’s Pharmacy, Moncton who sends clients to us for their back/neck/shoulder issues. Not to mention…………

..The man who couldn’t get more than an hour’s sleep (and certainly no REM sleep) in the four years since his car accident because he slept in so much pain, AND whose monthly scans on his back always showed ‘Red’ for ‘highly inflamed’, who, on his first night on his new pillow, was sleeping four hours at a time, and after a week had had a back scan which read Orange and Yellow (for lessened inflammation) for the first time since his car accident.

..The woman who was so ashamed of her loud snoring she refused to go away with her friends, even if it meant sleeping in her own room by herself, as she awakened other guests in the adjoining rooms. She did not stop snoring, but did start snoring so softly that she was able to re-gain her life and her self-confidence again.

..The grandma who gave her little grand-daughter the lumbar-travel pillow as her own sleeping pillow, and noticed that the grand-daughter went from sleeping all over the bed, moving all night long in all positions, to sleeping soundly in one spot all night. (When you are comfortable, your body does not need to move so much.)

..The one woman who told us she has never had a migraine since sleeping on her Cumberland Perfect Sleep pillow and the other woman who told us her daughter at Acadia Univ. has never had a migraine since sleeping on her pillow. Most migraine sufferers however, generally experience fewer migraines, and less severe symptoms.

..The man in Amherst who, since his first day on his pillow two years ago, told us he has never awakened with (his daily) numb and tingling hands and feet since, nor has he had a single re-occurrence of either his sciatica pain or restless leg syndrome.

..The woman who told us her insomnia was cured completely from her first night on her new pillow – she can’t even stay awake for her late-night television shows any more, and sleeps through the night for the first time in years.

..The woman who is finally able to sleep without meds, also for the first time in years.

..The menopausal woman who hasn’t had a single night-sweat since sleeping on our pillow.

..The countless nurses who are no longer suffering from shoulder pain at night, and no longer have neck and back pain throughout the day, thanks to our pillow.

..The farmers who are waking pain-free and actually feeling refreshed after sleep for the first time in years.

We could go on, or you can read testimonial after testimonial on our Facebook Page: Cumberland Perfect Sleep Company. Just click on the pictures and status’ and read the comments, plus read the ratings page too. There are more on our website: To order your pillow, call (902) 251-2749 or Email We use credit card and PayPal, and can be found at shows throughout.



Nope. Because it is a natural product, we do our utmost to clean the buckwheat thoroughly to ensure that anything from the field stays in the field and you get wonderful, luxurious, beautifully cleaned buckwheat. But that’s not all. Because of the aforementioned coolness of the pillows, neither dust-mites nor bed-bugs like our pillows at all – they prefer damp, warm places. Your pillow stays cool and dry, making it inhospitable to those nasty critters. ‘Nuff said!

But isn’t it noisy?

So many folks pass by, rustle and squeeze the pillow, and say “I could never sleep on that – too noisy.” We say “Get back here a minute!” The fact is, you are conforming your pillow to your head, and locking it into place. There is very little sound after that. Most clients report that they fall asleep so quickly, that any sound they thought might have bothered them from the rustling buckwheat hulls, are fast forgotten once they hit that pillow. Others say that the light initial rustling is pleasant, but again, forgotten. ..and we say, give it a week – the buckwheat hulls get a ‘shine’ and get super quiet just from use. Noise is just not a factor.

Do we guarantee our pillows?

We guarantee our workmanship for a full year (we double-stitch our pillows, so we are not too concerned that we’ll ever have to back up this guarantee, but it could happen). Beyond that, we guarantee that you are buying a pillow – we cannot guarantee results. Everyone has reasons why they may be in some sort of pain or discomfort, and there is no way a pillow can treat EVERYTHING. Clients time and time again tell us about the hundreds of dollars they spent looking for a perfect pillow, and finally found it in the Cumberland Perfect Sleep Pillow. Over and over we hear that this is “The best pillow ever!” We tend to agree,
based on all the feedback we are continually receiving. But will it cure everyone and everything? No. Is it worth trying our pillow to find out? Heck, yes! Due to their intimate nature, we do not do returns on pillows/slips.

Does the Pillow get Hot?

No! Absolutely the opposite. It stays cool. One man who bought the pillow for his TMJ Spasms (and was happy he did), also reported that his wife now cuddles him at night again. It seems he was quite the night-sweater, and our pillows, by virtue of staying cool, also cooled him down, and thus dramatically reduced his night-sweat issues. The menopause ‘set’ also adore our pillows for this reason – there is no flipping of the pillow necessary – the highly breathable bamboo actually wicks away sweat from the skin, and the hollow hulls keep air passing through the pillow throughout the night, which results in no hot spots!

How about Smell?

How about Smell? We bring our demo pillow to each show and we try to remember to bring actual buckwheat for clients to see and smell for themselves. The results? 99% of the folks who smell the pillow/buckwheat hulls report no scent. The other 1% say it has a very light nutty scent. You be the judge!

How do I clean my pillow?

Do what grandma did with the feather pillows! Spot clean when necessary, and lay out in direct sunlight when it needs refreshing. An hour on each side, in the UV Rays of the sun sanitize and deodorize your pillow. Having said that, the bamboo has such amazing anti-bacterial properties, that you’d be hard pressed to find much ‘person’ scent coming from your pillows at all. As for your Bamboo Pillow Slips (if you choose to purchase our Bamboo slips for your Bamboo-Buckwheat pillows), if you find you have a person in the family with a glandular issue, there may still be sweat of some sort on your pillow slip. Treat with dish-detergent before regular laundering and drying. They iron like a dream, too.

How fast do they work?

In my case it was immediate. I had frozen shoulder syndrome from having played guitar 5 hours a night/6 nights per week at resorts down south. Each and every night I awakened in pain shooting down my arm. I would sit up, have the two Tylenol and water I placed by my bed each night, and wait, sometimes up to an hour, for the pain to subside enough to lay down again. When I went to a chiropractor, begging for help, she simply said ‘If you only have pain at night, it’s your pillow – get a buckwheat hull pillow.’ I found one (and thought, Oh my gosh, I just wasted my money – I bought a bag of corn flakes!), and yet, from the first night I was on my buckwheat hull pillow, I no longer awakened in pain. It was the excitement of this miracle (‘Why doesn’t EVERYONE know about these pillows!’) that lead me to return East, and open my company here in my home-town of Joggins. HOWEVER, if you have a pre-existing condition, what we have learned is that it can take up to a few weeks for your body to re-adjust to sleeping ‘normally’. Your muscles need time to stretch out, relax, and re-align. Just as you don’t go to a physiotherapist one time and are ‘cured’, so too is it the same for the pillow. In some instances our clients have reported an extremely uncomfortable sleep for a couple of weeks as the body learned to sleep straight, supported, and aligned. But, in the instance of one woman, who had lived for two years with chronic neck pain EVERY single day, that couple of weeks was well worth it. She told us that after a miserable two-plus weeks of sleeping on her buckwheat hull pillow, she awakened without the neck pain she had been living with daily, and has never had any since. She think two weeks of discomfort was well worth it! On the other hand, our massage therapist client who had daily headaches slept on our pillow ONE night, and stopped having her daily head-aches! It just depends on your condition. For the VERY VERY few, our pillow does not ‘work’
to help their condition at all. Either they have something so wrong with them that the pillow making them sleep ‘straighter’ actually causes pain, or whatever they have is just too severe for the pillow to make any improvements. We wished it would help every single individual who buys our pillow, but some people just can’t be helped with a pillow. Happily, most can!

How long will my pillow last?

We tell people that our Cumberland Perfect Sleep Pillow will last about a decade, but that’s not true. In fact, they should last 15 to 20 years! So we know we’re safe saying a decade.

What about allergies?

First of all, Buckwheat is not a wheat at all – it is from the Rhubarb family! This is why our celiac clients (including my husband!) have no issues with our pillows. If you are one of the .001% of people allergic to rhubarb, then we suggest you don’t eat your pillow! 🙂 ..And while we’re on the subject of allergies, we thought you’d like to know that after the farmer has cleaned and shipped the buckwheat hulls to us, we freeze it for 48 hours and then clean it again in our fanning mill, thus making it super-clean, eliminating dust issues. Even our clients with the most severe dust allergies have found that simply double-covering the pillow with two pillow slips is enough to prevent any worries about a dust-induced allergic reaction. Lastly, we also thought you’d be interested in the fact that many of our pillow users have reported to us that their seasonal allergy symptoms, such as breathing and sinus issues, have been reduced; once they position and burrow into our

Why Purchase a Cumberland Perfect Sleep Pillow?

Over and over, we hear from our customers “This is the best pillow I’ve ever slept on”, including customers who have previously owned other much more expensive pillows, such as water pillows, cervical pillows, and memory foam. Filled with millions of Maritime grown Buckwheat Hulls, and encased in finest quality Bamboo, you, the user, customize this pillow, shaping it to your neck and head, where it conforms to your personal size, supporting your neck and aligning your neck and spine. Doctors and Chiropractors believe bones can get subtly out of line and cause muscle spasms or nerve irritation. This can cause pain and other conditions. Realigning the bones and muscles by sleeping correctly with a properly supported neck may help bring relief. Since 2008 Thousands of our customers have told us over and over that their Cumberland Perfect Sleep Pillow has helped, and in some cases eliminated, such conditions as Migraines, Numb and Tingling Hands and Feet, TMJ Spasms, Tinnitus, Snoring, Night Sweats, Stuffy ‘Morning Nose’, Poor/Light Sleeping, Headaches, Allergy Symptoms, Fibromyalgia Symptoms, Frozen Shoulder Pain, Sciatica Pain, Insomnia, Muscles Tension, Muscles Spasms, Back/Neck/Shoulder Pain, Restless Leg Syndrome, Surgery Incision Pain, Arthritis Pain, C-PAP Machine Sleeping Comfort and Stability, and More!

Why use Bamboo?

When we first started, we used to be like everyone else – we used high-quality cotton muslin for our pillow casings. Then one day, wanting to be more eco-conscious, we saw a beautiful Bamboo fabric, and said ‘let’s give THAT a try!’. That was the game-changer – Bamboo is sooo silky and soft, that the pillow even more easily conformed to the neck and head, for a far better and much more comfortable cradling effect, and thus a far more restful sleep than the more resistant cotton ever had. This is part of the secret of why so many people say “We have had buckwheat pillows before, but yours is the best one ever..”.

Why use Buckwheat?

All-Natural Buckwheat has been used as bedding in Asia for hundreds of years. The tiny hulls, no bigger than 1/3 or less of your baby-fingernail, are hollow, since the farmer has already removed the seed to be ground into buckwheat flour. So you have a tiny, jagged, hollow hull, or husk, that has a slight resilience to it. These hulls, when manipulated within the pillow, cling and grab together, and thus, as you shape the pillow for support and sleeping, the pillow stays where you put it! It doesn’t just sag down the minute you get comfortable. This is why they work so well – the pillow stays where you put it.

Will any pillow slip do?

In a pinch, yes, but if you want the best out of your pillow, make sure you use an all-natural pillow slip that breathes. We use bamboo casings for a reason – they stay cool, and they breathe. If you put polyester or synthetics on your pillows, you are preventing your pillow from breathing, making the pillow hot and damp; you are simply not getting the most from your pillow. Use pillow slips made of either Bamboo, Cotton, Silk, Hemp, and so forth to optimize the benefits from your pillow.

Won’t the pillow lose its shape as I toss and turn at night?

Yes. And No. You shape the pillow to your head (for exact directions, please see the video on our website), by squeezing it on the ends like an accordion to plump it up, and then burrowing your head into it, by moving your head in the ‘no’ motion. (Always sleep with your shoulders on your mattress – that helps prevent neck strain and muscle tension.) By doing this, you force the buckwheat hulls up into your neck cavity which needs the support. We tell our clients to burrow until they have the ‘Ahhh’ moment. THAT is how good your neck feels when it is correctly supported, with your head, neck and spine are properly aligned. Our clients know what we mean by the ‘Ahhh’ moment. Once you are burrowed into your pillow (and it doesn’t matter whether you sleep on your side, back, or belly), you are set! Your body is comfortable, and guess what? When your body is comfortable (assuming you are not sleeping on rocks) then you no longer move as much during the night. We have had clients tell us they awakened the first morning on their new pillow and the sheets were the same as when they went to bed, and their hair was still perfect. A woman came to us the next day after sleeping on her new pillow and said ‘I didn’t get up to pee all night long and I’m usually up several times during the night, can it be the pillow?’ (We hear this a lot.) Yes, it is the pillow – it’s making you sleep more comfortably, and putting you into a deeper sleep whereby your lightly twinging bladder is not stirring you any longer throughout the whole night – and when you are not up all night, guess what? You get a great, deep, sleep!