Why a Buckwheat Hull Pillow?

“The longer I use my pillow – the more I love it. I have suffered with a pinched nerve in my neck for many years. I no longer have the pain in my back, no tingling or numbness in my hand and don’t wake with my hands and arms asleep an more. (My husband) also likes his and has noticed that he no longer has neck pain. Well worth the money!”

June 25, 2014


Buckwheat is actually a member of the rhubarb family; it is not related to ‘wheat’ at all, so there is no worry of wheat allergens.

For that matter, the inorganic hulls are so inhospitable, they repel mites and bed bugs! The hull is C-shaped, allowing air to flow through, which keeps the pillow cool while you sleep.

Other pillows contain harmful ingredients such as petroleum, formaldehyde, U.V. inhibitors, anti-fungals, plasticizers, etc. The Cumberland Perfect Sleep Buckwheat Hull Pillow is 100% chemical-free!